A Tasty Halloween Treat!

Welcome back! Today is the 25th and I leave for New York City in the morning! I can’t believe it is finally here! I needed a snack for the 5hr plane ride so of course I went to Pinterest!

I rediscovered this recipe from last Christmas and it gave me an idea!  I love popcorn and this is such an easy recipe that it is perfect for a scary movie night! I changed it a little bit to match Halloween a little better!

I started by popping a big bowl of popcorn and setting it off to the side.

Then I melted some almond bark; I used all but 4 squares for this and melted it a makeshift double boiler!

Make Shift Double Boiler

I wanted my popcorn purple, yes purple. So I added food coloring to the almond bark until I was happy with the color.

I skipped the peppermint and just added some fun sprinkles and gummy eyeballs! This is going to be the perfect treat for movie night!


Go take a look at that recipe an let me know what you think! It is one of my favorite treats for Christmas time and I am glad I could incorporate it into my Halloween treats!


Thank you for reading today’s blog post! My post tomorrow is going to be all about the places in the world I wanna see!

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“Count the memories not the calories” ~ Unknown

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