Christmas Party Games

Hey everyone!! Sorry that I have been MIA the past few weeks! Life has been a little crazy and I started a new job so I haven’t exactly had a lot of time to write. But today with Christmas coming up so quickly I thought that you might need a few fun Christmas party games to play! These are all games I have played in the past and always enjoyed. They can be done with kids or adults and are a lot of fun for everyone! I hope you enjoy these games, and I would love to see any pictures you might get! Feel free to tag me on Instagram!

5 Christmas Games

1. Candy Ball

We love this game because then everyone gets a chance to get something sweet and fun! I am sure you have herd of this game before and you know how much fun it is. Here’s how to play:

  • Make a giant ball of candy and plastic wrap. Put something cool in the middle of the ball so the last person to unwrap wins a fun prize!
  • Sit in a circle with 4-12 people depending on big the ball is.
  • One person begins unwrapping while the next rolls dice until they get a 7 (you can use any number) then they pass the ball on.
  • What ever falls out of the ball while you’re unwrapping it you get to keep it.

Better be quick!!

2. Ugly sweater contest

These are fun aren’t they? We had one at work last year and even though mine didn’t win the contest the winning one was pretty fantastic!

Ugly Sweater 2016

This is a simple game that is easy for everyone to play.

  • Everyone wears the worst Christmas sweater they can find. The uglier the better.
  • Cut up slips of paper and have every one write their vote on the paper. They CANNOT vote for themselves!
  • Count the votes and give a prize to the ugliest sweater!

3. Pin the star on the tree

This game is more for children and is a simple twist on “pin the tail on the donkey” (if you want to make it for adults add alcohol to the equation.)

  • Make a tree out of green paper and stars out of yellow paper
  • Let your kids help color the tree because you can
  • Add tape to the back of each start

When it is time to play

  • Blindfold the child and spin them in each direction 5-10 times.
  • Give them the star and point them in the correct direction
  • Let them laugh and giggle at all the silly places they places the stars.

4. Pot Luck Care Package

Care Package

I wasn’t sure what to call this but I think the name gets the point across well! People are always in need no matter how much we want to deny it. A great idea for your Christmas party is to have each of your guest’s bring an item that they think should go in a care package for someone in need. Put it together with everyone and then choose who you think could use it the most and deliver it the next day. I think this one is a great idea for both adults and children!

5. Gingerbread House Contest

I really only like these cause then I get to eat the candy! But there a million ways to have fun building a gingerbread contest. One year in college we did a “Chopped” version for our Christmas party and then let our professor be the judge. It’s really simple. Here is a video that explains it really well!


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