Don’t Forget These 25 Traveling Essentials !

Hello from New York!!!! Okay I am writing this at home but when you read this I will be in New York City! I am sure by now I am sitting at the most perfect cafe drinking the best cup of coffee and watching all the New Yorker’s rush off to where ever they need to be.

I know the holidays are coming up soon and everyone will be traveling. I know how horrible it is to get to your destination but it turns out you have forgotten some really important essentials.  I chose to write this before I left in hopes that I didn’t forget anything!

All of these items are things you are going to want to keep in your carry on. Most airlines allow you to have one carry on and one personal item like a backpack or purse. Use these things wisely! All these items will be going in my backpack so I can easily get to them when I need them!

  • Photo ID and Other Important Docs- They won’t let you on the plane without it.
  • Credit/Debit Cards-  Take some cash too for smaller purchases like coffee and food
  • Chapstick- Only because this is an every day essentials anyways
  • Extra Hair Ties- The one on your wrist will break I promise
  • Touch-up Makeup- This is nice to have if you are going out as soon as you get there!
  • Hand Cream- Dry hands are the worst!!
  • Hand Sanitizer- Airports are gross.. Just don’t forget it..
  • Face Wipes- Using one when you land can make you feel like a new person!
  • Disposable Toothbrush- Yes they are a thing, and yes they are amazing, don’t forget your big one either.
  • Toothpaste- Save a few extra bucks and bring your own.
  • Feminine Products- Traveling causes stress, stress causes your body to be surprised, be prepared.
  • Dry Shampoo- Because washing your hair sucks.
  • Headphones- Because you don’t like people
  • Pen- You never know when you will need a pen
  • Portable Charger- Just in case you can’t get to a wall outlet
  • Tablet or Laptop- Don’t forget the charger either!!
  • Pain Reliever- You never know when a head ache will hit
  • Kleenex- You don’t want to wipe your random runny nose on your sleeve.
  • Flip Flops- Something comfy to wear around the hotel
  • Deodorant- Buy a travel sized one for a quick refresher
  • Extra Underwear & Socks- You never know when you will need clean underwear or dry socks.
  • Something to Sleep in- I guess grandma won’t mind if you sleep naked right?
  • Sunglasses- Plastic ones will get you through security easier!
  • Homemade Snacks- Gas stations and air ports are expensive. Check with TSA and bring a few snacks for the trip.
  • Small Blanket- To keep you warm and close to home

The most important thing for you to remember when packing for a trip besides your photo ID is a sense of wanderlust! With out that you might as well stay home. Be open to experiencing anything new, trying different foods, and take the road less traveled; you may discover something marvelous!

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