Fall and Halloween Decor

Hello again!! It is Monday and I am ready for this week! I leave for New York on Thursday morning and I am so freaking excited! I will be packing this week and be a restless mess until I leave for Vegas on Wednesday. I am planning on driving down to Las Vegas and staying in a hotel so I don’t have to drive in the early morning!

How to decorate for

Today though I am going to share with you guys my fall and Halloween decor! This time of year can be really hard to decorate for because you wanna be creepy but cute at the same time! My house has been decorated for fall since the beginning of September because I was just way to excited for the fall season!

When I started decorating I wanted decor that I could use for Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. So I went to the Dollar Store, Wal-Mart, and TJ Maxx in search for some cute decor.

I found this cute flower arrangement at TJ Maxx for only $13 and placed  it on our living room side table with some small pumpkins, and these cute maple leave lights wrapped around it and to top it all off I added a few loose leafs that I found at the dollar store. Flowers


For the month of October I switched the flower arrangement and leafs out for this vase! Everything in this vase I got from the dollar store. Underneath I added a spider web placemat from TJ Maxx. To add a little light I placed a white pumpkin next to it to lighten the area up a little. When planning this I made sure to incorporate what I already had into any new decor.


We have these really terrible cabinets between our kitchen and our living room and even though we plan on taking them out I decided to decorate them this year. For the month of September I placed some garland along the top and added some lights.



All I did for these cabinets is add a jack O’ lantern to the corner, simple and easy yet super cute!


My front door is my favorite place to decorate, anyone we know personally doesn’t come to the front door but I still want my front door to look nice! I haven’t gone all out this year but I do have this cute wreath to hang on the door.

Front Door

For Halloween I switch over to this wreath I made last year! You can learn how to make your own here!  It is super easy!


If you want to make it easy to go back and forth I recommend that you use decorations that can be used for both holidays. Think about where you place each decoration and how you want it to look when your done. Even if it changes you have somewhere to start your decorating. I like to decorate for fall before Halloween, and then I can add creepy and dark things to the already existing decor and remove those things when Thanksgiving rolls around!

Thank you for reading today’s blog post! Come back tomorrow for a fun Halloween treat!

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