Mental Health Resources

Not everyone knows how or when to get help with their mental illness, I wanted to create a page of resources for those who are scared and don’t know where to start. The road to good mental health is long and it is hard, but in the end it is worth it. Please use these resources and share them with family and friends who may need them.

Suicide Hotline

National Alliance on Mental Illness : On this website you can find more resources in your own state. It’s pretty amazing.

Blah Therapy: This is a website where if you are having a hard day you can go and vent to someone or get their advice. You can also help other people with their problems but please be careful when talking to strangers. Never give out any personal information like your full name, phone number, address, or even the city you live in. Please be safe.

7 Cups of Tea: This one is similar to Blah Therapy, again please be careful when talking to strangers. Never give out any personal information.

Drug Rehab is an online initiative of Advanced Recovery Systems, designed to help people and families affected by addiction and overcome the disease and other disorders. The free web resource provides essential tools and information to facilitate the recovery process. We pride ourselves on being a credible and valuable online based resource for those who need us. We have a dedicated content team who updates our website daily to ensure we are the leading source of information on addiction, mental health, and related issues.

As I find more resources I will add to this list, and one day I will be brave enough to share my own mental health story with everyone that comes to my blog. I hope these resources help someone in one way or another. If you have any great resources please feel free to contact me with them and I would love to add them to the list above.