New York City Vlog/ Real Talk.

Welcome back! I know I slacked a little there at the end of blogtober but now I am back and plan on kicking butt!! The entire month of October has been really, really hard. I won’t lie, I have been in a bad place lately but I am working on becoming a better me. I plan on going to a support group for people who have lost loved ones and I am starting therapy this week.

I want to be open with my family, friends, and readers. I do this because I want everyone to know that getting help is okay. I am not going to drag on with this but I just wanted everyone to know that I am not okay right now but I will be, it is just going to take some time and hard work. I have deactivated my Facebook account, and haven’t been on my Instagram very often. I am doing this because it has been really hard to see some things on there that are taking a toll on my mental health. So be on the look out for weekly blog posts going up on Monday mornings as well as a few photos on Instagram. Some day I will be back at it full force but for right now in order for me to be the best girl boss I can be I need to take a break.

I love you all.

Now on to The Fun Stuff!!

We were in New York for the last weekend of October and it was such a blast!

We visited Times Square, Central Park, Wall Street, and the statue of Liberty. It was truly amazing and I already can’t wait to go back!

I didn’t want to explain everything to you guys so I made a video! I hope you guys enjoy it!!

Check This Out!

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