October Favorites


*Crying* Today is Halloween, and the last day of Blogtober *more crying*! This has been such a fun month for me full of exciting things! Last year October was a rough month, and this year October has been difficult but no where near as horrible.

Through out the entire month of October I have been battling with my depression and in the past I would have let the depression win but with a husband, a job, and friends this was not an option. I haven’t pulled my self out of my hole but I do have a few things that have helped me!

So for my last blog post this month I want to share with you guys a few of the things I have used this month to help cope with my depression. Not all of these things are going to be healthy, or some amazing product that solves all my problems. These are things that have made me happy, and made me focus on something other than my depression for just a little while.

1. Family Guy

This show is so horrible but it has helped me so much this month, no idea why but it is nice to just sit and watch a mindless stupid show. If you get offended easily I do not recommend this show for you!

2. Almond Hershey’s Kisses

Chocolate is the best cure for everything isn’t!? These have given me something to munch on when I am watching Family Guy!

3. Bo the Puppy

My dog Bo is one of the most important things in my life. He knows when I need him and he knows exactly how to cheer me up.

4. Washing My Face

One thing I have done this month consistently is washing my face every morning and night. It makes me feel like I have my life together and it is good for my skin. Check out my blog post about a simple skin routine!

5. Decorating My House

Making sure my house looks good has really helped me get excited about something and helps to get me off the couch and up to something good!


Try these out when you are feeling down. Eat your favorite candy, watch a stupid show, find something to get excited about and if you don’t have a pet do some research and find some support animals near you!

Thank You!!!

This has been the most amazing and crazy month! I have been stressed, sad, excited, and happy putting these blogs together for you guys! You guys are what makes all the late nights, early mornings, and writers block worth it! So thank you guys and I hope you come back next month for a new post every week! I love you guys and wish a happy Halloween!!

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