How to Organize Your Grocery List!

Thanksgiving is next week!! We have plans to travel four hours north to spend the holiday with my grandmother and other family we have up there. It has been a really long time since I have spent Thanksgiving there and I am really excited to relive some childhood memories.

Grandma can’t cook the way she used to so I get to shop, cook, and serve all the food. Let me tell you, I am super excited! But I want to impress my grandma, the queen of family dinners, by being well prepared. I have a system for every week grocery shopping that I think I will easily be able to use for this Thanksgiving dinner! So grab your notebook, pen, and a cup of what ever feels right and come up with the perfect menu and shopping list for all your holiday dinners.


  • Check your cupboard

    Before you make your menu open your cupboard, freezer, and fridge and make a list of the things you have that you can possibly make a dish out of. This way you don’t have items go to waste.

  • Make Your Menu

    Now you know what you have, so take your list and write down what dishes or meals you can make with those items. This will not only save you money but it will help you stay organized.



  • List What you Need

    Now that you know what you have and know what you want to make putting together a list is going to be super easy!

Use this free print out to make it a little bit easier on your self! 


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